Warehouse Concepts Inc.

Lift Solutions by Warehouse Concepts

Effective Lifting Solutions are the “Back-Bone” of all Material Handling Situations

Lifting and transporting loads properly can make your company extremely efficient.  Time is money.  Injuries are costly.  Warehouse Concepts offers a variety of lifting solutions such as Forklifts, Pallet Jacks, Lift Tables, Rolling Ladders, Work Platforms, Personnel Baskets, Scissor Lifts, Ramps, and Vertical Conveyors. In addition to lift equipment Warehouse Concepts offers Forklift Training which meets OSHA requirements.

Warehouse Concepts will study your material flow needs.  Recommend every possible lift solution that makes sense.  In many cases we will create CAD drawings to explore aisle configuration and material staging options.


Our turnkey warehouse facility planning and services provide us the opportunity to acquire Forklifts in all 5 classes.  Most of the time we have many used Forklifts in stock.  We buy and sell late model reconditioned Forklifts such as Raymond, Crown, Yale, Hyster, Mitsubishi, and Toyota.  We also carry older Forklifts for the light duty budget minded application.  Visit our distribution facility for your hands on test drive.  Sit-Down Riders, Narrow Aisle Stand-Up Electrics are just a few of the lifts we carry.

Motorized Pallet Jacks & Stackers

In addition to the traditional Forklifts we also have motorized pallet jacks and stackers.  Warehouse Concepts handles both new and used Motorized Pallet Jacks.  Some of the brands we deal in are Crown, Big Joe, Multiton, Wesco, and Presto.  Styles range from Low Lift Walkie Pallet Jacks to High Lift Pallet Stackers and Ride On Pallet Jacks to Burden Carriers.

Order Pickers, Scissor Lifts, Rolling Ladders, & Work Platforms

Lifting people and material efficiently is an art form. Warehouse Concepts has the experience and knowledge to take your material handling methods to new heights.  Weather your product is 8’ or 24’ off the floor, sometimes it is better to take the person to the product. Rather then bringing the product down to the floor and then putting it back up in the rack. Some of the brands we deal in are Crown and Raymond Order Pickers, JLG and Genie for Scissor Lifts, and Ballymore for Rolling Ladders and Work Platforms.

Vertical Lift Conveyors

If your facility has a second floor or a mezzanine it can be better to use a vertical conveyor in certain situations.  Vertical conveyor is a fancy name for a product elevator with out a fancy price.  Vertical conveyors can be operated by any employee with minimal training.  They can lift boxes and pallets.

Lift Tables

In many manufacturing situations it is more efficient and ergonomically better to bring material up to a comfortable work height.  We handle a full variety of lift tables, tilters, rotators, and carts.  Power sources can be manual pumps, electric, and pneumatic.  Some of the brands we handle and install include Blue Giant, Presto, Autoquip, and many more.

Dock Lifts, Levelers, Ramps & Wheel Risers

Not every facility has the loading docks set up the way you want them.  Warehouse Concepts sells and installs Dock Lifts, Levelers, and Ramps.  Dock Lifts can give you the ability load and unload full pallets from trucks in the parking lot with just a pallet jack.  Dock Levelers can accommodate various truck heights at your dock with minimal effort.  Ramps come in various materials from concrete to aluminum (which can be portable).  The uses for ramps are almost limitless.  Forklifts can travel from inside your warehouse at dock height to ground level in your lot.  Company vehicles can be brought in for nightly storage or loading in inclement weather.  In some situations it is more cost effective to use Wheel Risers.  Wheel Risers are placed outside on the ground and allow the truck or trailer to back up on them.  They raise the bed of a short vehicle to a safe height for use at a standard dock.